Lipe Island 3

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Lipe Island 3
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koh lipe island or Koh Lee pae is an island located 2 km to the south of Koh Adang. There is a community of Chao Le or sea dwellers here. Most families earn a living by fishing. The name “Koh Lipe” means “Paper Island” in the local Chao Ley language. During the period of three days and nights, around the middle of the sixth and eleventh lunar months, villagers of Chao Le origin will gather at Ko Lipe for a festive fair. Most importantly, the villagers will built a boat from Rakam wood and perform a ceremony to float the boat, according to their belief in the prediction of their fishing. The prominent features of Ko Lipe are natural coral reefs, beauty of a vast open bay, and a powdered-sand beach. Ao Phattaya is a beautiful bay in a curved shape with a white fine beach, which is within a 15-minute walking distance from Hat Chao Le or Chao Le Beach. Accommodation run by private operators is available on the beaches.

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Thu, 2011-03-17
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